sábado, 31 de octubre de 2009


The life its not Short but is not eternal! Go and have some fun!! Make new friends,Help others well do everything you can do!

Try to influence people to make this world a better place for our future generetions!

I know we can do it! we only have to belive in who we are!


Who was Michael Jackson for me?

What is MJ for me?

Michael Jackson was a Great person with a BIG heart. He always tried to make this world a better place and well he was a victim of injustice and lies.He was the kind of person that we really need right now for this world.He was like our teacher, He teach to us be our self and help the others. I will never,NEVER forget the great person that was he.

Michael where ever you are, Thx for be you! we love you and miss you!


Where i was ALL this time?

LOL i am really sorry for not been here writing for a while. I been really busy with my school and making videos.But now i have a Cool things to show you...

The pictures

And The video called *Make this world a better place*

sábado, 17 de octubre de 2009

All is in our hands - Todo Esta en nuestras manos

Yo soy una persona que pues necesita expresar sus opiniones acerca del mundo y me gusta ser escuchada. Mi opinion es que este mundo no es un mundo de paz ni de amor. Me explico:

Como va a haber paz con tanta guerra?
Como va a haber amor con racismo?
como va a haber paz matando a gente inocente?
como va a haber amor si seguimos maltratando a niños?

Todo lo que esta pasando ahora es lo que los niños del presente estan aprendiendo.
Si de verdad queremos un mundo de Paz y de Amor deberiamos de empezar Ya a cambiar este mundo.

Todavia podemos lograr un mundo mejor. Todo esta en nuestras manos.


I am a person who because needs to express my opinions about the world and I likes to be listened to. My opinion is that this world is not a world of peace nor of love. I explain myself:

As it is going to have peace with as much war?
As it is going to have love with racism?
as it is going to have peace killing to innocent people?
as it is going to have love if we continued mistreating children?

Everything what this happening now is what the children of the present are learning. If we really want a world of deberiamos Peace and Love to already begin to change this world.

Still we can obtain a world better. All this in our hands.

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

My experience on twitter

Wow, what i can say? well 1# of all twitter is one of the most amazing sites that i have ever known. There i have made lots of amazing friends around the world,some ce;ebrities read my tweets and reply to me and there i can say whatever i want!! xD

When MJ Died *June 25,2009* some MJ fans Created the MJ Fam (Fam=Family) its like a group of MJ fans on twitter *I love them all they are just amazing* they are like my new family.

My twitter followers just tell me things that Make my day.



I am so,so sorry for change my Template everyday!! lol
I know its "Crazy" but i think this is what i am Looking for!!

Thanks for your support!!


jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009

miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009

My Heroes

God Beacouse he make us reflexionate in this life with all the things that are happening right now, and he gives us everything that we have like family,food,job,life etc...
Michael Jackson beacouse he tried very hard to make this world a better place with his music and actions. He was a man with a big heart.Thanks to him beacouse he really makes a change
Martin Luther King beacouse he inspire the black people to fight for our rights.

We have to follow the steps of those amazing people! why dont start now?

"This is it"


This is it

This is it, here I stand
I’m the light of the world, I feel grand

Got this love, I can feel

And I know yes for sure, it is real

And it feels as though I’ve seen your face a thousand times

And you said you really know me too yourself
And I know that you have got addicted with your eyes

But you say you gonna live it for yourself.


I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover

C’mon baby, just understand

This is it, I can say,
I’m the light of the world, run away

We can feel, this is real

Every time I’m in love, that I feel

And I feel as though I’ve known you since a thousand years

And you tell me that you’ve seen my face before.

And you said to me you don’t want me hanging round

Many times, wanna do it here before

Oh, yeah

I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover

C’mon baby, just understand

This is it, I can feel
I’m the light of the world, this is real

Feel my song, we can say

And I tell you I feel that way

And I feel as though I've known you for a thousand years

And you said you want some of this yourself
And you said won't you go with me, on a while

And I know that it's really cool myself

Oh, yeah

I never heard a single word about you

Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
C’mon baby, understand

I never heard a single word about you

Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
C’mon baby, please understand

Oh, yeah

I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan

lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

What if i dont belive in myself?

Hello Guys!!!!

Well if you dont belive in yourself you will never have the important things in this life and the most important YOUR DREAMS!!! Example: You will go to a concert and you will sing to a million people. If you think that you are ready to sing or you think "I cant do it" how you could make it???

So if you think that you cant make things, How can you do it?

That is simple Start! start now! Belive in you!!! You can do it!!!

Some people that are good example of what i am saying

Michael Jackson
"The King Of Pop"

Demi Lovato

Get Started!! never its too late!!


domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

Anne Frank

(12 June 1929 in Frankfurt am Main – early March 1945 in Bergen Belsen) was a Jewish girl who was born in the city of Frankfurt am Main in Weimar Germany, and who lived most of her life in or near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. By nationality, she was officially considered a German until 1941, when she lost her nationality owing to the anti-Semitic policies of Nazi Germany. She gained international fame posthumously following the publication of her diary which documents her experiences hiding during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II.

Anne and her family moved from Germany to Amsterdam in 1933, the same year as the Nazis gained power in Germany. By the beginning of the 1940 they were trapped in Amsterdam due to the German Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. As persecutions of the Jewish population increased in July 1942, the family went into hiding in the hidden rooms of her father Otto Frank's office building. After two years, the group was betrayed and transported to concentration camps. Seven months after her arrest, Anne Frank died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, within days of the death of her sister, Margot Frank. Her father Otto, the only survivor of the family, returned to Amsterdam after the war to find that her diary had been saved, and his efforts led to its publication in 1947. It was translated from its original Dutch and first published in English in 1952 as The Diary of a Young Girl.

The diary, which was given to Anne on her 13th birthday, chronicles her life from 12 June 1942 until 1 August 1944. It has been translated into many languages, has become one of the world's most widely read books, and has been the basis for several plays and films. Anne Frank has been acknowledged for the quality of her writing, and has become one of the most renowned and most discussed victims of the Holocaust.


Now 60 years before her death someone found a video The only video of Anne Frank.

Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis have a wonderful voice. I wanna sing like her!! That video is from the song Bleeding Love my favorite song from her.